Ekonomik Sistem

About Us

Ekonomik Sistem Gıda Tarım ve Orman Ürn. Nak. Gem. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. had been founded by Mr. Kadir İLDENİZ in Mersin in 2000 and is providing its services to fruit and vegetable industry with the annual output of 25 thousand tons per annum. As one of Turkey’s leading companies in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, Ekonomik Sistem is realizing a large part of its exports from the products it produces.

Ekonomik Sistem Gıda Tarım ve Orman Ürn. Nak. Gem. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. is offering the products it stores and packs at the citrus fruit packing and atmosphere controlled cold storage facilities it has established at Mersin/Tarsus 2nd Organized Industrial Zone development area with states-of-the-arts technology to the world market with high quality standards.

Vision & Mission

Taking its present rank on the market by holding customer’s satisfaction in the first place in supplying consumers with healthy, reliable, environmental friendly products which are produced in atmospheres where human health and hygiene conditions are considered, Ekonomik Sistem Ltd. Şti. is targeting at becoming a preferred brand name in the fresh fruits and vegetables by pursuing the latest developments in the industry and is adopting the mission of being an innovative and environmentalist firm and engaging its position in the world market and adopting the culture of a company that gives great importance to R & D studies.